Guess the Name of the CEO of any Airline

Hi guys lets play a game of Guess the Name of an Airline CEO.

U can guess as many times. First person to get it right get to do the next question and people have to guess (obviously).

Who is the CEO of Lufthaunsa?

Carsten Spohr ?

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@SahyaQFFlyer You do realise that people can just look this up on Google very easily! - with the other “Guess” threads - its normally a cropped picture from Infinite Flight/the web showing an aircraft or a cockpit which is much harder/impossible to find on Google.

This flopped

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Jürgen Klopp?
First name I came up with



😂 That’s all the way to Liverpool bud! 😂

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I’m a Tottenham fan, so I’m out

@BennyBoy_Alpha thoses that don’t play the game can go out !

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Correct your turn @anon2996007

Ok then, maybe we can get a picture of the CEO and guess which airline they run @BennyBoy_Alpha

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Sounds good.

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KLM im guessing?

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We’re not going to have a topic on the IFC where pictures of every airline CEO are being posted, sorry. What’s next? Guess the the aircraft seat manufacturer of any seat cushion?

We already have quite a few if these guessing threads. At some point it’s enough. Especially as most of these threads aren’t about guessing anymore. It’s basically a „Name-Everything-You-Know-Game“, until you’re eventually correct 😊

Also, friendly reminder: Always share a source when posting a picture that’s not yours.


I bet it’s Rockwell Collins