Guess the Infinite Flight

Could you give us a hint please?

Oh wow. Didn’t think of that!

I thought it was going to be LAS or something.

It’s really easy if you think outside the box

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Is it on the east coast of the US?

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Yes it is.

Scranton? Portland? Boston?

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Charlotte, North Carolina?

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No, btw what is that profile pic you have

Ooooo soooo close no

Raleigh NC?


Darn, is it in that state? Or which state is it in?

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Yes you win

Too bad someone already guessed it

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I was going to say Raleigh just now! Darn.

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Hint: Northern Midwest

Near Chicago, southeast of the main area I think?

Duluth? I think

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Nope, neither of those are correct. Think…kind of in-between your two locations.


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