Guess the Infinite Flight

Ah i forgot the hint system!


No…unfortunately Bahamas is incorrect.


Maybe Tampa?

Nope…it’s no tampa either.

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Chicago I think?


I know this is a different “guess the” thread as the others are all regarding aircraft but I’m going to post this anyway.

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Guess the Infinite Flight


Yes! It is Chicago. You can post one now if you want.

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Yeah there are a few I guess…

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Hint: city in North West England


Yes! Well done 👍🏻

Heres mine.
Hint: NorCal

Sacramento? Idk

San Francisco?

Looks like it might me in the Oakland area.

Yeah…it’s San Jose CA
(Technically Santa Clara and San Jose but I’ll give it to you)

Can some one take my turn I am not felling to go

I can if ya want

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Could you give us a hint please?

Oh wow. Didn’t think of that!