Guess the location in IF

As an extension of the series "Guess the ...

Here is "Guess the location in IF

How to play :

  • Publish a screenshot of a landscape, an environment, recognizable in real life

  • The participants must guess what is this place

  • Once recognized, the winner will have to do the same thing, and so on

The rules :

  • It is allowed to guess only one screenshot at a time

  • If there hasn’t been a post in the last 24 hours, you may take the turn

  • If you’re trying to guess a picture, make sure to check for hints or clues if they have been posted above before to avoid repetitive replies and clutter

Have fun !


I feel like this will get closed mainly because we have plenty of “Guess the” on the forum… And many have been closed already. But if not best of luck

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So, you could just be flying over anywhere on the planet and make people guess where it is. I’m not gonna say it’s impossible, because it’s not. But it would definitely take thousands of years for someone to find just a random place on the freakin’ planet.

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This has already been a thing, i wouldnt say impossible

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One of the rules was has to be recognisable

Yeah, and there’s only a handful of places that are recognizeable.

when I say a place “recognizable” is because in the case of this picture the place is known through television, tourism, sporting events

Yeah, but then people know what it is, so what’s the challenge?

Probably wrong but is it KASE

And what it the challenge of “Guess the airline and aircraft” then ?

Well, you cant really compare planes with the whole world

No it’s not the KASE
First hint 🏁

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Not far, the idea is good

Oh…, Nice?

Always not.
2nd hint : There is the same event in Monaco

Hmmm, no… idk. Abu Dhabi?

No it’s not Abu Dhabi
Not fare to Monaco !

Castellet Airport

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Because there’s actual airlines and aircraft that people never knew existed. That’s a challenge. Showing Midtown Manhattan on IF isn’t.