Guess the interior

No it’s WestJet,

  • Malaysia
  • Thai
  • China Airlines

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  • Korean Airlines
  • Oman Air
  • Japan Airlines
  • Kenya Airways

Oman Air. I know it is Oman Air cause the color looks same.

Yep, that was really easy compared to my previous picture where only 1 person got it right.

Not putting a poll, bonus points for aircraft(if there are any points)

Austrian maybe

I’m afraid not, keep trying

Silly guess. Garuda Indonesia

Yep, it’s Garuda Indonesia

A330-300? Maybe -200?

Guess this one

I am afraid its not one of those two.

Aah! Garuda Indonesia! And it must be A330’s Cabin. Though I think it’s the A332 one

@the777fan I think it’s China Airlines’ Premium Economy. I never seen a Thai Airways cabin like that before

PS : Also take a note that THA doesn’t have Premium Economy (Y+)

You sir are a dissapointment, [quote=“Ninetales, post:35, topic:76103, full:true”]
I am afraid its not one of those two.



  • Lion Air
  • Thai Lion
  • Malindo
  • Scoot

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K then, Garuda’s B77W

(☞゚∀゚)☞ Took you long enough

It is China Airlines

@Matt_Elphick Air Koryo?

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