Guess the Cockpit

See if you can get this:

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Another “Guess the …” topic


Yes indeed.

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Um, I think… B747?

No!! (Look closer)

Boeing 767?

No! Getting closer

my favorite narrow-body

Yes! It is

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Boeing 737NG, easy recognizable by the LCD screens (the first picture)

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#Guys! This is a huge hint! For all planes, look at the throttles! It will help a lot!

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What do you mean? I’m not talking about the second image.

A350 the screens give it away

Try to guess this one.

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Airbus A350

Do you want a clue?

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The first one is a 737. The second a 350 essy becayse the LCD screens the sidestick and the 2 throtles. The third one it could a phantom but im not sure.

It isn´t the Phantom.

Clue? …