Guess The City-IF

Hello there! So I did a research to see if there was a post with this purpose, it looks like this is the only one that will be created for this purpose. Maybe more will appear. Anyways, I wanted to create a post where people can take screenshots of the city they are currently flying one! So here are some rules. Clues are allowed, post once at a time. Wait for the next persons’ screenshot to be solved then you can make another screenshot. You can do as many screenshots you like, this is open for anyone. Well I am going to start it off with my screenshot!



I think a clue may be necessary for this. It looks German, but I’m not sure.

I have no idea, I’m going for a random answer, and it’s probably somewhere in North America, possibly Washington DC

There were several topic closed because there are a lot of ‘Guess the…’

It’s Belgrade, Serbia. I am absolutely sure.


Correct! How did you find out?

A lot of guesses. I knew it was German or Eastern European, so that narrowed it down a bit. I’ll follow up with something else in a bit.

West coast America??

I’m guessing that ones near the San Francisco Bay Area possibly in approach to either SFO or OAK.

Way out, it’s Seoul, South Korea

Los Angeles or Philadelphia or Atlanta

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Over klas… I am sure

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That is Palm Springs


I think desert of Nevada.

Near mountain in Colorado

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You liked my picture, does that mean Im right? Im 99% sure it is P. Springs

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