Guess the airport!

Hello community! I have thought and come up with a great way we can be entertained by the community! Many topics like this were created before, but this is different.

Here are steps on what to do:

  • Think of an airport (obviously)

  • if you want the difficulty to be easy, say which province your airport is in. If you want it to be medium, say which country your airport is in. If you want it to be really hard, (like literally impossible), say which continent your airport is in. If you want you can give hints (what’s the first letter, what’s beside it, etc)

  • post your post and let the games begin!

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I think this is duplicated

This is a different way, the other topics show pictures, this is telling and guessing 😉

Will this stay?

We already have this thread:

One way or another, its still the same thing. We already have way to many “Guess the” topics.

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Let me show you guys an example,

I think of an airport that is in Ontario, Canada. Its beside New York, it’s home airline is air canada. What is it?

(This is an easy example)

The problem is you could just search that up in google and tada

Let’s see what a mod would say…

You mean like Toronto or ottawa

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Yea it’s Toronto:)

We don’t need to see what the mods say. When they see this, it’ll get closed.

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Oh well. I thought this was a different way or something. Thanks anyways:)