Guess the Airport

I’d be surprised if anyone can get this.
Hint: in the Carribean

Treasure Cay Airport in the Bahamas?

Nope, but you’re on the right track!

There are thousands of Caribbean Islands, I’ll never get it.

Here try this one
image hint:In the USA

Is it an airport in the Bahamas? Is it San Salvador Airport, Bahamas?

That is Atlanta. So many triangle tails…

That is Oslo. There are some hints in the picture.


No it is not Atlanta north

Well, it has to be Detroit if it is north!

No to far north lower than detriot

Here is a better picture image

is it Baltimore? just a random guess

Chicago Midway?
(Big Presence of SWA jets there)

Who are h talking to me

yes, that was my guess

No it is hard I will try to find a better picture without the name


Is it the Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport?

How did u know u hit it on the money