Guess the Airport

Is it Lubbock? I think it is.

Nope! Not Lubbock! Good guess though!

Is it Corpus Christi International?

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Yep! Awesome job! Your turn!

Ok here it goes!


Hint: It is in a African country

Is this the place in Uganda (Entebbe after a quick google)

And yes, I know da wae by brotha

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Hint: Midwest

Detroit Wayne Metropolitan (KDTW)

Nope :)

The 744 is tripping you out

You should have changed the name of the image. It’s Madison Airport.

Technically, it’s Dane County Regional Airport, but yes, it services Madison. I’m too old to understand how to do technology.

I suggest taking a screenshot of the image you want to use so you can hide its’ actual name.

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Looks like KTTS shuttle landing facility.

Nope it’s on the other side of the world east Asia

Such images can cause some political havoc. Pyongyang Airport.

Detroit? Not sure about that.

I’ve been there before! 99% sure that’s Madison Wisconsin.

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That’s already been answered. Check above, not trying to be aggressive or anything.

Got it! Well done. The 744s were certainly eventful while they lasted. Now all we get is atlas air. (I say we because I used to live there)

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Nah, its toward southern europe