Guess the Airport

Dallas-Fort Worth possibly?

Is it Dallas airport?

Nope, Monaco does not have a commercial airport.


Nope, Nice has two runways

Correct! Good job, you get a virtual cookie for guessing Genoa! 🍪

Here’s mine. Don’t know if it would be easy. Probably will though.

Hint: its in Canada.

It’s obviously Doha Airport in Doha, Qatar (Don’t know the actual name)

Its Doha airport isn’t it.

Hamad international airport

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@KSEEaviation Is it SFO? No other airport.

Nope lol, not San Francisco.

Ok how about KSEA? ;)

Are you just guessing? You can see that the picture of the terminal is round, and you can see the gate. And it’s a United gate.

And it’s very sunny outside hint hint

Has anybody guessed San Diego? Cause that is my guess. And yes I am guessing.

Palm Springs airport ??

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It’s KORD, isn’t it Reese?

If you read his hint, he says it is on the West Coast.

Nope not PSP. Bit farther west

(oof now it’s easy)

KSAN. It has to be KSAN.

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