Guess the Airport

That one is too hard, no ones gonna get it without looking it up lol

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We’ve already had that.

That would be the lee airport.

Scottsdale or flagstaff

Heh, try this one:

Hint: It’s in Europe.

Is that Birmingham? I am probably incorrect.

Ok, I’ll give y’all one hint. It’s in Colorado

Is the airport Denver?

No it is not Denver.

It might be Fort Collins Loveland Municipal Airport

It is not. Sorry, keep trying!

Is the airport never Denver International

Not particularly, but it’s in Colorado

It looks like to be an AFB

It might look like it, but it is not.

Do you have anymore hints?

One more hint. American has daily service to PHX

Oh I got it! It must be Grand Junction Regional!


You got it! You can now post a picture for us to guess



This airport has daily service to 3 Class Bravo airports in Texas.

My screenshot