Guess the Airport


You were right, I searched in FR24 and got no results, now I searched in Google and it appeared. My bad. Your turn!


This is the Airport that you have to guess.

If you need any clue, let me know.
You can help with the road number.


Is it in Southern Europe?


I’m going to give you a clue, it’s in America, more concrete, between Canada, the United States and Mexico


Is it along/near the pacific coast?


239,07 km (148,55 mi)


Is it in California?


I’m not going to answer that anymore, the point is to guess, support yourself with the road number.
do not take it the wrong way, just that it’s more fun


You’re ignoring my question.


It’s not in California


Zacatecas Airport?


No, it’s not that, but you know what country it is in, now support yourself with the road number that you see in the image


LAX lmao idk jk


@Lufthansa2 Nop


I was just kidding lol
I don’t know the airport


Is it near Fresnillo?


@LegendaryRoro88 nop


So it is in Mexico right?


@LegendaryRoro88 yes


it´s in México @LegendaryRoro88