Guess the Airport


Chofu Airport, Tokyo. It says by the runway.


I know, I already had uploaded when I noticed that. Your turn!


“Termos de utilização” means “User terms” in Portuguese


Super! I guess that it is my turn again :P


I will go due to inactivity.


Hint: Star Alliance Member Hub


Addis Ababa. Too easy!


You got it.


I will go due to inactivity.
Hint: Regional airport


Meridian regional airport


Can I put one


It is in the USA no cheating


It’s not confirmed by the original poster, but I found the original pic. But you can have my turn :-)


Louis Armstrong airport, not your turn, though 😐


Correct sorry I new can you teach me how the turns work


@Narruto_Mieumieu That’s it!


If you’re the first one to guess correctly the airport or the person who guessed it lets you, you get to post your pic so others can guess it 😁


Go ahead! The poster confirmed it’s right


Liberia-International-Airport-in-Guanacaste-Costa-Rica Guess this airport pretty hard.


Liberia International, Guanacaste, Costa Rica. The name of the picture says it