Guess the Airport


Hint: By the San Juan Mountains


@Joseph007 That would be Durango-La Plata Airport, KDRO


Dang good work, how’d you get that?


I found the San Juan mountains on Maps and I just looked for nearby airports


Also, you could barely see the name of the Airport.


Yea I saw that but didn’t think anyone could read it


Can people guess this airport. 😎


Just found this old but trendy post and I couldn’t resist to play. :D

This airport is located between the Czech Republic and Ukraine and it is a Ryanair’s base:


Copenhagen-Kastrup I think


I think it isn’t your turn, but is it Bratislava?


Correct. 😎


It was my turn because I started writhing the first reply before @TheOrxy but it took me a while to find a good picture of the airport and when I came back from my search, @TheOrxy had already replied and it really looks like it isn’t my turn. :P

And, sorry but your answer is incorrect, let’s keep guessing and see who has the correct answer.


Is it Krakow?


Oh yes it is, good job! :D Now it’s your turn.^^


Try this


Any Hints?


It’s in the alps.


Anymore hints??


No it’s not McCarran because there isn’t any slot machines.


Italian Alps. No scheduled flights.