Guess the Airport


BIKF? Probably wayy off lol


BIKF is just [a tad] bigger 😂


Wouldn’t recommend using jetphotos as a source, a quick search for the photographer gets you the answer 😉


So to solve it, it’s Svalbard-Longyearbyen in Norway, Code ENSB


Yap, sorry for leaving a while cause I got something else to do.
Answer is Longyearbyen


Let’s see how quickly you guys solve this one:


Moritz we need HINTS.


Mh, how helpful is saying I took the pic myself? 😉


Hmm, maybe it’s Moritz International Airport? lol


On the image file it says “NOT MUNICH AIRPORT” so maybe its Munich Airport?


Just wanted to state the obvious and exclude Munich since almost all my spotting topics are from there lol

This airport handles slightly less planes per day than Munich 😉


Not sure, but I see a Lufthansa flag on the right side.


Good spot, but to crush your hopes: It’s not Frankfurt either haha


Berlin Schonefield or Tegel?


Nope, still too big :)


Bremen or Stuttgart?
Or even smaller? Can’t make it before sleep 😴


Obviously still smaller, I mean look at that terminal building 👀


Cologne, Hamburg?


Baden baden?


Can I guess or should I continue watching the others struggle? 😏