Guess the Airport


Wild guess of Melbourne


Melbourne don’t need to turn 180 back,
Or A380s will be unhappy. 😗


Ah. True. 🤓 Is it Gold Coast?


I think @Oli_H answer will be correct because this “Yam-Dreaming” roo had training in Alice Springs.


Yes, it was YBAS; Alice Springs in one of Qantas’s new dreamliners :)


Source will be posted after correct guess.


After doing some research about the picture,

Is the airport;

  • Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport?


Yes, and the source is Wikimedia.


2000th post!


Due to inactivity, I will go.

P.S: Don’t tell me this is a train station.


It’s Kaohsiung Int’l Airport 🤭

Make sure you hide the texts you think is an answer haha.


Henada or Narita?


Haneda or Narita would be full of cars and buses, and that one looks way too empty.


That’s Palm Springs


That post is from January 7th lol, it’s been guessed.


Fair. I didn’t see the guess


Basically if you guess the airport right you get to post your own airport and so on.


:sighs: @Jimmily you got it


As a person who never seen snow, I’m looking forward to travelling to this airport.

Credit: Jetphotos


Nuuk airport?