Guess the Airport


As my old thread got closed, let’s resume it in here.
If posting a smaller/less known airport, you’re encouraged to add a few hints.

I’ll start it off…

Hint: This airport is located in Upstate NY, and two airlines that serve it are Allegiant and Spirit.

Guess the Airline and Aircraft! [Cabin Version]
Guess the airline and aircraft!

I’m going to guess that it is Plattsburgh?


You’re correct! Now, you can post one if you want.


This looks really similar to KCIU, in northern Michigan!


Why do I always make these so easy? 😂 Anyways, this airport is located in Europe.


This airport is located in the USA.

Note the gate number ;)

(Good luck Google Images cheaters xD)


Is that Austin or Kansas City?


Nope, it’s on the western side of the US.


Orange County? San Jose?


Is that Monaco? I really don’t know.


No, it’s not those. Try again :)


Nice Cote D’Azur airport?


In the US. Hint: Neighboring Skyscrapers


Very easy. LaGuardia!
Just look at all that pollution washed up on the rocks 😔


New York! Probably JFK. Again, I’m not good at this.


Your right!!! Gotta find a harder airport!


Let me try one… searching for airport pics


Portland, or Spokane, or Tacoma? On @KSEEaviation


Here is one:

^ Not my pic. Credit:


Toronto or Montreal is my guess, but I think it’s Montreal