Guess the Airport in IF

I’m trying to be unoriginal, but I saw most of these topics are closed, so I decided to start a game that would pass time during the sad time. This topic probably wont get much attention, but I will start off with a picture (very easy), then the person who guesses the airport correct can post another picture of an airport. (Can be hard or easy). Good luck! Here is the first picture:

We have plenty of guess the topics. Please we don’t need another


Princess Juliana

That is correct! Now its your turn to show an airport so we can guess :)

Yes I’m aware of that, but they are all guess the aircrafts/tails. Not any IF airports…

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There isn’t one like this as far as I know, so let’s just play along and let the mods decide :)

Guess the chicken? :)

Honestly, guess the XY is something we try to avoid here since it’s usually chaos.