Guess the airport in IF (Cockpit View/Wing View) Preferably photo of the view in the air.

Nope, it is not

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Guangzhou Baiyan Int’l?

Sorry for the interruption, I’m going to change this to not just Cockpit view, but wing view.

Nope it is not

Is it Xiamen?

Nope, it is hard

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Is it Guangzhou

Nope, read first

Oh is it Hong Kong

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Yes, it is!!!

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Oh yeah! Lemme get a pic!

Here’s mine!


KMSP? It look like

Nope! Not KMSP

Miama Airport?

Bro you need to give more hints here. Just like 60% of the thousands and thousands of airports in IF, there is a runway on flat land. Otherwise this would be pure guesswork and the it could take weeks or months to get the answer.


U mean Miami??? No it is not that!

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Haha! Right, I’ll give you a hint. It’s in Southern Michigan, just north of Chicago!

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There is 2 runways intersecting.

Benton Harbor Airport?