Guess the airport below!

This was taken aboard my flight to LHR! Extra points for guessing what plane I was on as well!


Aircraft : Boeing 777-300ER

Airport : Newark

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B787 over KEWR.


KEWR - Newark Liberty Inernational Airport

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You gave us the answer…?

Nice shot, I like it!

Yes, guess I’m good at these ;)

Correct you get 10/10! Welldone!

Next one:

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ENGM (Oslo Airport)

Norwegian 737-800

Norwegian is correct but the airport isn’t Oslo.

Stockholm Arlanda?

Not at all.

Airbus A321. Shiphol.

Sneaky. I think it’s Brandenburg, which is still not open.


Can’t be Schiphol… Remember the number of runways LOL @Jan @flyingdutchman

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St Petersburg?

B737 Birmingham.

Yes that’s correct. It’s Berlin-Brandenburg (BER).

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