Guess the airplane by cockpit

I know that there is another topic like this but it got closed in '16. You can use your own images or pictures from the internet. Try and guess this one.


All I can say is that its an Airbus.

Airbus a320 from JetBlue

Wasn’t this picture in a review you did?

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I’ll say the A320 would be the plane.

I feel like you would just have to guess the airline since there are not many differences between the cockpit of one airline and the cockpit of another airline. So my guess would be American Airlines.

An A320 from Air Canda

It was Jetblue A320 at Grantley Adams.

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totally didn’t think that was a b737

Edit: It’s got a sidestick facepalm



Try this one, just the aircraft and you get a 🍪

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Let me guess. B738 American or Southwest :)

Who is the company that made it?

I don’t think that it is a Boeing or Airbus or MD.

No hints from me! Maybe after a while I’ll drop some

Q400 from Bombardier


🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪 Lots of cookies. Your turn

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YAY! Try this one

Embraer E-Jet series aircraft. (E-170/75/90/95)?


Nope! Keep trying though! Remember, anyone that gets it gets a pat on the back.

Embraer E-135/E145? Grabbing at straws… @Captain-Daniel

Hmmm i cant tell very hard

Kidding a320 flight deck

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Is this the C100 or C300 (Swiss or Air Baltic)