Guess the airline

Here’s a pic I took while playing if just now. Can you guess the airline?

Whoever wins the guess gets to post the next pic for guessing!


Where’s the picture?

@emir_sergio idk where is it

Fixed Now!

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Is it an ANA A321?


All Nippon!

You are the Winner!


I think ANA,NH!!!
I love ANA:)
I always fly with ANA livery!

That little red dot (Japan flag) gives it away lol

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Because you win you get to post the next IF pic that we have to guess.

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Hmm nice idea but perhaps edit your post and say that the winner gets to post a photo to be guessed?



Good luck.

Really? I know that’s my country. I know it… T2 on the left and T3 on the right

Airline wise you can forget about it lol

I was joking 😂

The only thing I can see is a white spot lol :)

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I see nothing except for that white rectangle (when not zoomed in)

But damn son WSSS is WSSS xD

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Is a generic livery???

Imma be random and guess it’s an Aeroflot lol


EVA A321 that green on bottom?