Guess the airline Slogan

Try this

Fly the flag

Feel free to add your own


Is it British Airways?

Nope (It was an ad that supported athletes for the Rio olympics for the country though

This should be easyimage


United Airlines!


Can you give a hint?

Air Canada!

United Airlines! I can see the yellow line

Correct! Good job

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How bout this

“Your Palace in the Sky”

Don’t google it or you’re a cheater

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Emirates I guess (?)

As Emirates First are such a lux

Delta maybe

Incorrect, both of you.

Can you give us a hint?

Etihad? Guess this one.
As Neal_Jha said,[quote=“Neal_Jha, post:10, topic:63671, full:true”]

Don’t google it or you’re a cheater

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Ummm Emirates was kinda close I guess idk

We’re ___________, doing what we do best!

hint: this slogan is very old

Qatar then?

No think more east

American Airlines (?)