Guess the airline(logo version)

Guess this logo zoom in and photo it!

Cathay pacific

There is way to many of these… wouldent be surprised if it gets shut down

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Corrrect now it’s your turn!

This would also be in #real-world-aviation this will be closed.

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Give me a hint!

They operate in cold, cold places

You are not the appropriate Trust level to post in #real-world-aviation keep liking posting and contributing to the community (not like this) and you will get there.

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Defunct or still in operation?

From where?

Still in operation, a small us airline from outside the mainland

Im just going to post this here so you all can see.

All of the current “Guess the” threads open.
They can easily be merged into a couple of threads. And plus some of them are just ridiculous.

Note from Ewan Fleming (Moderator) On a previusly closed “Guess the” thread:
“In addition, I think these might be going a little too far. Next thing you know, there’ll be “guess the aircraft from the fingerprint of the passenger on the toilet door” - we have a few guess-the-aircraft topics already and I think they’re maxed out for the moment :)”


Cmng soon guess the plane from the lavatory door


Agreed, we have too many, it’s gotten ridiculous. Thanks for posting that @Hamza.N


@KPIT don’t change it he is a basic user this should be closed.

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Underseat power outlets tell what airline well… 😉


Based on the vomit bag what airline it is


Sorry, I looked at the main #real-world-aviation post to see if there was a TL limit, and didn’t see one, sorry I forgot these things since I’ve had all these categories for so long. Very sorry… 😊