Guess The Airline (Cabin Crew)

Guess the Airline with a picture of the Cabin Crew of that Airline!

Find a picture of a Airline’s Cabin Crew and upload it.
You may give hints.
If a person doesn’t respond in 24 hours, you may take their turn.
Have Fun!


Thai Airways I’m guessing?

Nope it’s is a Asian carrier… I think

Singapore Airlines. lol

Someone take my turn

@AlphaSeven that is correct

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We have and have had too many “guess the_______” type of topics. These topics don’t really provide much of an area to carry on a dialogue. Instead its full of people saying, “Is it ____?” Personally, I’d prefer topics where you share something that would be beneficial for folks rather than a “where’s Waldo” or “Guess Who!” type of topic.