Guess the airline and aircraft!


Just searching “Milan malpensa 787” brings up results with many airlines.


You sir are correct it was Neos


Oh. My. Gosh. After…16 guesses!!


Since @Qantas737guy’s photo was guessed an answered, I’ll post one of my own.


That looks like some type of 777.


BRitish Airways 777?


Delta Boeing 777-232LR?


Anyone can guess the seahorse tail in between the SIA 359 (and a Silkair 7M8!) and the Lufthansa 359?

EDIT: sorry for bad photo, friend sent it to me after he was curious and I can’t figure out what it is either!


Its not raked,so i guess its not a B77L or a B77W… so my guess its a united airlines B772


I’m not so sure. Its a 777 but maybe a European or Asian airline.


I think it’s a 777 and after some exhaustive searching, I’ve come to the conclusion that it is a private (or corporate) plane.


The aircraft is a 767-300ER?


For everyone guessing mine it’s a 777-200er, but none of you have the right airline.

EDIT: Wow! @david_hartono_S is right. United 777-200er.


Its really united B772? Wow! I’m surprised at myself :)


The plane I think is a 767 for some reasob


So here’s one i have found. You know the drill, airline and aircraft. :)


A United Airlines 767-300ER??


@InfiniteFlightSlayer not United but right aircraft.
United would have blue and gold


What continent is this airline from?


South America is the continent