Guess the airline and aircraft!


Anyone else can take my turn due to I’m going to sleep 💤


this pic landing shot ?


its a not a a319 I am flying to JFK is my hint it is american


I’ll go next if no one’s waiting


This is kind of a hard one


Crystal AirCruises 777-200LR?


Ahh! I was typing that! Good job tho


@AlaskaAirlines93 ahh you said it was easy but @JT_Playz and @TheStig knows this one easily (If this off topic i will delete it)


Correct because I found it


Due to inactivity i will go


Qantas Airlines? B737-800?


I could guess the aircraft. Maybe the airline. American Airlines 737-800?


Ding ding @LegendaryRoro88 sorry im a bit late


Guess the airport now ;)


I think it’s YPAD
Guessing from your name I’m pretty sure lol @adelaide_aviation


should have realised correct @LegendaryRoro88 your up


Due to inactivity I will go:
Don’t guess the plane in the background we’re guessing the wing.


I’m guessing it’s military?


The wing or the one in the background? If it’s the wing it’s not military.