Guess the airline and aircraft!


All right
Don’t expect any replies for a while,I gotta go take a shower


Here goes: China Eastern A320?


No,the aircraft is correct though.


Is this airline based in Asia?


Yes,the airline I said based in Asia. To be a bit more precise,Southeast Asia.


I have no idea lol


I only know an asian airline what has a red colour is air aisia(I think this airline is kinda rare i guess)


so if its in south east asia so it might be Australia or new zeland so it might be jetstar,air new zeland,qantas and more


but i think they don’t have that symbol on that engine so i just be quiet and see whats the airline then…


Dude. Don’t want to offend you but, you don’t have to type every thing that comes up in your mind;)


ok then…


Bangkok airways a320?


No,not Bangkok Airways.


bangkok is north west right?


Bangkok is southeast Asia

Here ya go;)


Hmmmm. Maybe a Cambodian airlines 320


Very close!


Hmmmmm idk. Because I think that it’s biman Bangladesh but I’m not sure


They don’t operate the A320 so not Biman.
Nepal Airlines A320?


Just figured that out hmmmm