Guess the airline and aircraft!


Apologies for the sloppy Photoshop work but I had to remove some decals. I will credit it if you just get the plane correct but I will give you a giant cookie if you get the airline tooMC-21-300-flight-620x404


IK its the MC-21… maybe house livery???


Well done! It was pretty easy if you know how to look or knew the plane haha. And the livery was correct as well. Here’s your giant cookie


yay! so i get to do one now?


Yep. Go right ahead!


These are so hard tbh


The upper propeller is a bit cut off… one hint for now: the airline is no longer aound


Lol that rhymes lol…


Ok I cant find the airline for now but is it a Convair CV-5800?


CORRECT! well its 580 but close enough… idek if there is a 5800


Yeah there is lol the -5800 is a stretch but um


Partnair Convair CV-580


Yes you get a cookie


Awesome haha. I’m done with this for now so I hereby donate my turn to the next person that enters. Not you Joseph sorry lol



Who’s then is it to post now!?!?


No, the wing curl is off the A350 the 787 has a bow shaped wing


Can I post my own too?


Yes, if you wish to post


Here’s something for you guys: