Guess the airline and aircraft!

Try this:

Rossiya 777-300?

Yep, you got it

I ll continue then

Do I get anything for guessing the airport?

Its Atlanta (KATL)

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If you want to guess airports go here→ Guess the Airport

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I know, but still

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Dash - 8 200?

Thats incorrect

Is it a Dash-8 Q400?

Is it Saab 2000. Don’t know the airlines tho

It is neither a Dash 8 Q400 or a Saab. It is an European manufacturer though

BAe Jetstream 41?

Thats correct

Sky Express BAe Jetstream 41?

You got it

Whose going???

Let me get a picture.

This should be fun.

Thats definitely an ATR. Maybe 42?