Guess the Airline and Aircraft (Vertical Stabilizer Edition)

Idk sorrynof it was

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E jet family? More of an E175 or E190?

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It was my turn, but I’ll go after this round

Yes correct!

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You go, I will go after you.

You won’t get this one :)

You can always PAS(s) (play with the given letters)

Y’all took two turns after my post.

@TheFlyingGuy1 was correct, and therefore it is his turn.

727 i think pacific southwest airline

that would be a PSA 727

It is Mac! :)
@Mattheus, go ahead :)

Here we go!

Hint: Special Livery.

Hey i think the other persons turn is when someone guesses the airline before… Corect me if im wrong

Sorry. Didn’t read the directions clearly. My bad.

Alaskan retro Dash 8 Q400

Soooooooo close!

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Horizon Air retro Dash 8 Q400

Ding ding ding! Winner!

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My turn!


Airbus A320-231 with Afriqiyah Airways (Adria Airways)

You got it your turn again i guess :)