Guess the Airline and Aircraft [Part 8]

Welcome IFC to Guess the Airline and Aircraft [Part 8]!

photo credits: me

We had to bring this topic back after the last one closed, so here are the rules!

  • One picture is allowed to be guessed at a time only
  • If there hasn’t been a post in the last 24 hours, you may take the turn
  • If you’re trying to guess a picture, make sure to check for hints or clues if they have been posted above before to avoid repetitive replies and clutter
  • Please do not use image reverse, as its not the point of the thread.
  • Make the image big enough to see. And don’t add too much pixelation. We want to actually have a fighting chance.
  • Refrain from going way off-topic, like talking about who gets the rights to the next part.
  • Please do not get too off-hand with the jokes, especially VoLoTeA .
  • No Fictional Aircraft. Concept variants of existing aircraft are okay.For example, the B-1R (B-1 Lancer concept) Concept aircraft, such as X planes are totally fine.
  • Have fun!

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Good luck everyone!

LEMME START!!! image

Is it an Airbus?

Nope! Not an airbus

Hello! There is already a thread made for this and it will be opened when the mods feel it is the right time, for now please wait until the old one is opened again. Thank you!