Guess the Airline and Aircraft! [Part 8]

Not air China


Come on open the thread. 20 hours and waiting.

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Malaysia Singapore airlines

@DeerCrusher Please Open this thread, we have calmed down, went outside, did some work.
So can you please open the thread?


Not one of them

First Air maybe?

Not first air @DeerCrusher it has been 6 days please open the thread @DeerCrusher we have taken a long good rest even sleeping aswell.

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There is a hint: bare metal

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Y’all need some time to cool down. Fresh air is desperately needed


For those who have messaged the mods and those who are curious as we’ve received a few messages already.

We’re still discussing this internally and will update you when we’ve reached a consensus on the future of these type of topics. Please understand we’re trying to keep the forum a tidy and welcoming place for folks who may be new. While one can never have too much fresh air, we still need just a little more time. Thanks for the understanding!


Hi everyone!

After a long and thorough discussion in the moderator team we now decided that the automatic closure of Guess the Airline and Aircraft! [Part 7] last week will mark the end of all public “Guess the…” topics here on the IFC.

We would like to point out some of the reasons that led to this decision:

  • After a total of 70’000 replies in the “Guess the Aircraft and Airline” thread, every possible combination has probably been guessed by now
  • All those pictures use an enormous amount of storage on the IFC
  • The topics required extensive moderation as they were often being abused for off-topic discussions

“Guess the…” topics were grandfathered in from an earlier time on the IFC. We know that these topics have been very popular among some users so this wasn’t a decision we took lightly but it’s now time to move on. The purpose of the #real-world-aviation category here on the Infinite Flight Community is to give you the opportunity to share and discuss your real-world aviation experiences outside of Infinite Flight. Here are some good examples of that:

There are many more things to discover in Infinite Flight and on the IFC. We encourage you to use this as an opportunity to check out some of these things, be it Virtual Airlines, Airport Editing or IFATC.

Thank you for your understanding and your loyalty. We’re glad to have you here with us.

Your IFC Moderators