Guess the Airline and Aircraft [Part 7]

B747 for sure 👍

It is… a DC-8

Air Cal?

faucett peru…darn most of the peruvian owned DC-8 almost looks the same since i look

It just looks like Pacific Southwest but they never operated a dc-8 :/

I am back using my Poco f1

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Nice. How does it handle IF?

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Ayy new phone that is faster than the F1?

It is sooooooo smooooooth

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I have the f1

I just looked through and i cant find that livery even tho they have the data of airlines operated of the DC-8


imma check again…

check out DC-8 Peru idk if it right but it almost looks the same

I got the image I think

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You got the image but i think, @GameBoy_KIRB said it first

or maybe you are right because in the livery, there are no “Peru” written

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I wanted to say that

maybe youre also right. there are no “Peru” on the livery

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