Guess the Airline and Aircraft! [Part 3]


  • Special livery
  • The operator isn’t technically an airline

What, you saying it’s like private?
Or military?

None of those.

787-9 Dreams take flight livery?


Seriously, how do you get these so easily?



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@NeperQiell is untouchable nobody can beat ok

All he needs to do is take a few looks at photo and hints and what been guessed and the answer has been crafted out of that.

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@wingmandude You overestimate me 🤭

Good luck


But seriously though you seem to now be so god at this
A few months ago you weren’t as good but nowadays your pretty good at getting everything

I ve been in this topic for ages honestly lol. I need a break

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Any clues?

European airline, special livery

Is it an A320?

No its not the A320

Could it be the B737?

Yes it definitely could

Hmm, B737-800?

Yep its the -800. Now the airline

Hmm, is it a charter airline?

See you in Part 4 everybody!

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