Guess The Airline and Aircraft! [Part 2]


Yugoslavia Airlines BAC-111?


Yeah, you got it! It’s a JAT Airlines BAC 1-11!

Go ahead



I shall go.


Nice one bud



Hint: Airline is in the Americas.
Look at the window size.


Your gonna need to make that bigger boss.
I literally see a pixel wide image


There’s two colors (out of three ;) and a window, and you know that the airline is based in North America. That should give you some clues.


Is the Airline defunct?


It is not. The airline is still here, albeit it has changed its’ livery since then.


Is it a Pan Am 747-200?


Oh never mind


Is it a Delta L1011 or whatever it’s called idk


Not Delta, and it’s not an L-1011. The airline is in the U.S., but the aircraft was made in Europe.


American? A320?


American Airlines in the Vingelli livery, yes! Not an Airbus aircraft, though. Think north-northeast of France.


Fokker? Is it the 100?


Ding ding ding!

American Airlines Fokker 100!


Yeet Yeet
Okay let me see here


Here you go


Delta Dc-9?