Guess The Airline and Aircraft! [Part 2]


Yay its my turn


Here’s mine:



  1. One of this airline’s series of this aircraft was written off due to an accident
  2. The aircraft that had the accident had a hydraulic failure and tripped breaker, resulting in a belly landing
  3. The last time it was part of the airline was in 2011 later replaced by 787s

Come on guys, this one is easy


Just put it in. I colored in a bit because it exposed the aircraft.


Looks like LOT 767


Yes correct! This was so easy


You want to post another one? Cause i got nothing right now


Wait, I can?


Yeah you can go again


Okay, this one is a bit harder


  1. This aircraft crashed in Feb 1989
  2. The airline slogan is “Flying on trusted wings”
  3. The airline has 10 destinations


Surinam Airways DC-8

You gave us too many hints😂

Just google the slogan and then find the airlines Wikipedia page, and then look what plane crashed in 1989😂



Since I’m sure I’m correct, here you are!

Have a go at it!


737-300 or 400?



Manufacturer is close though.


Is it MD-11?


@Latvia Is it an Embraer?


Nope, try more.

It’s hard😂


Is it Cessna


Nope, it’s kinda old, but not extremely old




Nope, wrong side of the world