Guess The Airline and Aircraft! [Part 2]


Hello IFC,

Since the First “Guess The Airline And Aircraft” topic was closed due to 10,000 replies, this is the part 2. I hope you enjoy posting in this new topic!

Thank you! (And a big thank you to everyone who participated in the original thread!)

Here is the first one on this new thread!:

Part 1: Guess the airline and aircraft!


1: Only one picture guessed at a time, if you want to post a pic, guess the ones that are already there correctly.

2: You are only allowed to post due to inactivity if the oldest post is 24H or older!

If you barge into an already started guessing game, look at the guesses posted previously so that you don’t post random answers that were already denied :)

Guess the airline and aircraft!

Okay what was the answer for the old one?


Baboo air E190.


Is that a 737?


Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300ER


Yes, it is.


Japan Airlines


No, sorry, @J2S


Delta 737-900


Not Delta, JAL or a 737-900.


Ok is it an airline in the EU or US


Bombardier ?


Its a lifthansa Boeing A320


It is a 737 and the airline is not from Europe or any of the Americas.


Japan express 737?


Not JAL express…


Virgin Australia 737-800?


It’s Not VA and the 737 is an older version.


South African?


Yes, correct! But what type of 737? @callum5124