Guess the airline and aircraft! [IF version]


I already guessed that


I’m sorry but you had your three chances. That was the game


Well since everyone’s out of chances can we try again


😂Well what happens now?


Was it KLM ?


How is this topic going to continue if nobody can guess? May I guess again?


It means I win this round but you can still guess just for fun. After we’re done with this, I’ll post another picture.


That’s not how it works. You have to let someone else go


Whoever guesses it goes next?


Fine. But one chance. Deal? Or else I go next, but don’t worry, i’ll make it easier


Last chance for everybody. If no one gets it. I’ll give it away


Give us a hint at least


Hint. Look at the airport


The airport is a hub of the airline


Pretty vague hint, maybe a Philippines 77W?


Wrong. Go again. Don’t worry. My next picture will be easier


You’re not going next though? Whoever guesses it goes next.


Well, I did decide on the game and no one won. If another user gets it, they can go.


Please follow the rules of this thread. You may only post another photo if you have guessed on another and got it correct. Not because of you making it difficult and just posting another because the photo was too hard.


Hint. The airport is in my country.