Guess the airline and aircraft! [IF version]

I’ll go due to inactivity

Go ahead, have a guess😉

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Some sort of a319

Delta a319?

is it a 787?


Welcome to the community, I see that this is your 1st time posting. It is probably not a 787 because the shape of the wing and size.

Sorry about forgetting about this. It’s not an A319😉

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Welcome to the community @MANTIS :)

A320 or maybe A380?

Delta A321?

DutchBird a320?

Because on the picture, focus on the picture


It matches with the dutchbird engine


You are correct!

I don’t have a picture, anyone else can go if they want!

I will go!

Hint: Airbus


EVA Air Airbus A321

Maybe frontier a321?

qantas 787-9

Hello guys I’m his brother and he is sleeping which I’m also going to get some, if he doesn’t open IFC for a while tomorrow I will notify him

I belive that is a alitalia A321-200

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any updates or can someone else go?