Guess the airline and aircraft! [IF version]

Not Airbus or WOW

Dash 8 Q400?

Not the Q400

Is it a Thai 747 or MD-11?

@United_1154 Your 99% percent right, just finish it off. Is it the 747 or the MD11?

Looks like it might be a 747

Or MD11 filler


Not quite…

Yeah, it’s the MD11! Your up! Although it might be nice if you gave it to @United_1154 as he pretty much got it, but up to you.

Yep @United_1154 can go :)

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Actually I was going to give up my turn anyway(I haven’t flown in a while and don’t have any new pictures). You can go @Brisbane_Aviator


Sorry For Quality

It’s definitely a 787, but I’ll say the -8

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787 but wrong variant

-9 then? filler

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Yep! Filler

Now the airline
(Bonus points if you can guess the location!)

Air Canada or American?

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Not US, but the airport is! ;)

Qantas maybe?

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