Guess the airline and aircraft! [IF version]

It is American Eagle

Well it’s probably a CRJ-900

The airline logo was too easy to see 😁

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Yes you’re correct nice job 😄👍🏽

It’s your turn @Claudio

May I go due to some inactivity?

Yeah, go ahead.

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Ok, thanks. I will go get a picture

This is really hard. Good luck to everyone.
One hint per person

A330 Swiss?

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OMG, yes you got it
Didn’t expect that


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Your turn now my friend

Hint: Airlines flies to KSFO, aircraft doesn’t.

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I know it’s a Bombardier CRJ

Which Variant?

I will say the 900

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That is correct.

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Umm, American Eagle? Delta?

Lufthansa Regional?

How did you know?😂