Guess the airline and aircraft! [IF version]


Did some research, none was similar except for an old and closed thread.


You can do hints or no hints.

If someone guesses correctly, it’s their turn.

Do not post a photo if they are still guesing on one.

Have fun! We’ll start with this.

Hint: widebody

Guess the airline and aircraft!
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Guess the airline and aircraft!
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United Airlines 787-9


Family right, type wrong, airline wrong.


United Airlines, 787-10


777-300 United Airlines?


Not United or Boeing 787-10.


It’s a 787 (not -9 or -10) and not United.


One more tip? hahaha


No more hints. Good luck.


Infinite Flight 788?


Not the FDS livery, aircraft correct.


Thai Airlines 787-8?


Nope. Still not. Also not from Asia.


American Airlines 788?

This is going to take forever, lol.


Nope, from the USA though.


Boeing House 788? I dont know


Yes! Boeing House B788! Your turn! 🍪


I don’t have a picture, someone take my turn


Is livery JetStar? If it is not, it will be difficult to hit


It has been already guessed.