Guess the Airline and Aircraft! [Cabin Version]


It’s the Cessna citation x. Now what company?

Edit: you where right with it being the king air sorry



Oh haha. I thought i was wrong about it being a king air hence I removed it. Is the airline wheels up?


Correct! It’s your turn now!


Hint: Airline is based in Western hemisphere
Credits : TPG


Ohhhh tough one Boeing or airbus?


American Airlines Boeing 737-8 MAX!


Correct @PilotCool ! Wasn’t too hard


Ive never seen a 737 max though


Me two, being at the bottom of Africa makes it hard to see one


Here it is:

It’s another one from AFRICA!


@Xpira. Some hints at my post: This is a new interior which means its gonna be a newer aircraft. And based on the ceiling, you can kinda tell it looks like the new boeing sky interior making it a boeing.


South African a340_600?


@Xpira that was way to easy. Your turn!


Yea should be south african a340


Company based in Germany
Anyone going to guess?


Is that a 737 or an airbus


Boeing 737-8 TuiFly?


It’s a Boeing 737-800


Ding ding correct your turn


Alright here’s my turn!