Guess the Airline and Aircraft! [Cabin Version]


Nope its neither of those @Delta319


What is your hint please?


Due to inactivity I’ll post one:

Credit on bottom of image


Volaris Airbus A319. Did I make it without a hint?


That is a positive.
Lol forgot the hint


Don’t have any photos, someone take my turn.

Guess the airline!

Here’s another no-hint challenge:
Image result for Air France Dc-10 cabin
Source on bottom of image


The cabin looks old…


It’s got to be a DC-10 of some sort right?


Airline should be Lufthansa, right? I know this image.


Yay you got it again!
I’m going to bed in a few, no more pics till tomorrow


Ok, see you tomorrow.

9 days until one TL2 requirement!


Ohh nice!
Make sure to make a legit features request when you can!


Well that is for the days visited.


Sorry for the inactivity @Delta319 the plane was a Air Canada A340-500


Ill do another one

The hint is this airline might retire this aircraft soon


Maybe an American 772?


That’s a 75 for sure


Or an American 752 xD?


Delta older 757-200 first class ez