Guess the Airline and Aircraft! [Cabin Version]


Aer Lingus Boeing 757-200


Correct! Wow, you are good.


Thanks! I read a lot of OMAAT, so…


The airline no longer exists and used to be European


Ok, you go, I am sure it will be prerty hard


My guess is Monarch airlines 757-200?


Close. Not a 757 though. It is Monarch.


Is it one of the Airbus series? I don’t know Monarch airline’s fleet.


It is an Airbus. Which one though ;)


Hmm, is it an Airbus A320?


Nope, not an A320. It is a member of the A320 family though. Almost there!


Ok, what about the Airbus A321? Hope this one is correct xD


Yes indeed it is! Congrats! Your turn!


This is a European airline which no longer exists.
@Captain-Daniel I think this will be hard for you.


@Xpheros That is a Swissair 747 from back in the day.


Correct, you are amazing at this.

I have to go now, so I can’t play this anymore, good bye. It was nice playing with ya


Same, have to leave as well. @PilotCool wanna give some of the others a shot?


@Captain-Daniel we will be friends. You have an all right streak too!


I guess ill go Screenshot_2018-06-11-16-40-14-1 alright guess aircraft/airline


AeroMexico Boeing 777-200 @IFaviationeldin