Guess the Airline and Aircraft! [Cabin Version]


Nope! Not an A380 or Airbus! I was assuming some would go for that! It’s also not Etihad.


Is that a crew rest on the upper deck of a 747F?


It is the crew rest in a 747 freighter. Also try to guess the airline and variant.


Cargologic 747-8F? Maybe next time, we should stick to commercial airlines and aircraft as cargo airlines have no distinguishing cabins.


Well you are so close. Is an -8F.


747-8F for Cargolux?


Nope. You’re getting colder.


AirBridgeCargo B747-8F


@Delta319 correct. Just about to say it is a subsidiary of Volga Dnepr.


Yes. I saw your profile pic and that gave it away


Well, that’s a CargoLogicAir, another subsidiary of Volga Dnepr Group.


Reverting back to passenger airliners:

Hint: Europe


My one, extra points if you can guess correctly!


Czech Airlines A330-300


That is correct! nice job


Yay! My turn is next in line.


That is an Air Koryo Tu-204


The airline is BARELY known. Good luck!

If you think you can get this on first guess don’t press this: Asia


Urumiqui air 737-800?


No. Press the blur. Aircraft is an smaller.