Guess the Airline and Aircraft! [Cabin Version]


Wow that’s impressive
How did u know that

  1. went on jet photos
  2. hit the search bar and put advanced search
  3. enter the photographer
  4. filter the category by Cabin
  5. found the photo

(Don’t know if that’s cheating)


Ohhh cmon that’s not fair 😂


Bec u did that I’m giving myself a extra turn


S7 Airlines 737


@JFKflyer1 next time you get a turn screenshot the image and iOS gives you option in new update to crop it do that and hide the title by a marker using tool bar like this image


Rlly easy( essayist one I’ve ever done) there 4 no hints


BMI A321 Business Class


British Airways A321 Business Class.


You got it right ur turn


Lemme find a pic first.


Too Easy???

I don’t think you would need a hint on this one.


ANA A380 (flying Honu) First class?


Correct. @Redrado


Someone can get the turn


Here you go

pretty easy if you ask me


United 737-800?


Nope, I have never been on United before


Alaska 737-800?


Nope, not Alaska and not a B738