Guess the Airline and Aircraft! [Cabin Version]




Allegiant A320?


Delta airlines?


Not north America


Can you give us a hint of the continent?


Well it is Central or South America


TAM airlines?


Do you mean LATAM?


Do you give up???


LATAM A320? I’m stumped.


No. If you give up here’s something I can do. I give the turn and you stay with the doubt, I give you the awnser and post another photo or you keep guessing…


Give us another hint?


I think giving the answer, and then you giving one with at least a couple useful clues would be good. This one was very hard as you gave no clues that were useful. You never confirmed the variant. Hundreds of airlines use the A320 family and so it’s very hard to narrow it down. The only useful one was the fact that it’s in central/South America. Even then, many airlines use it there


Ok. Well there is only one operator that uses this variant in Latin America and they were left over of a failed merger with another company which explains the NxxxEL registrarions


JetSmart A320? Sky Airlines A320? @Jeronimo_Castro


Did you read my last post?


Did I guess it, yes or no?


Interjet A320?


No. You did not! I said there was the only airline that operates that variant!


You know what? It was an Avianca a318 and anyone can take my turn. I am bored now